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We will reply to all received card and prefer to use the bureau. You shall use our home call, i.e. OHØ/SM5AJV shall be send
to SM5AJV and OHØ/SM5HJZ shall be send to SM5HJZ respectively.

DXers are able to request a bureau QSL by sending an e-mail to That means, you do not have to send any QSL card, send an e-mail with necessary QSO data (date, time, call sign, mode) and you will receive your card(s) via the bureau.

Status of your QSL can be found in the log database.

However, if you prefer a direct QSL, enclose an envelope with your address and two US Dollar or one I.R.C. If you do not enclose envelope or proper payment, our card to you will go via the bureau.

All direct QSL shall be posted to:

Jonas Ytterman
Lilla Breden
SE-740 10 Almunge